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hmmm. what can i say about myself? well, let’s get down to the basics. i consider myself a storyteller. i love to tell stories. in all mediums. i have been making a living as an actor for the last 18 years or so. (for details on my career, feel free to peruse more of this site.) i am also starting to dabble in writing and directing...-insert dumb joke about being a cliche here-...            i love it all. at the heart of it, i am just a seeker of truth and a lover of life. i feel that art is one of the most visceral and  steadfast paths to truth. i am attracted to the dark side of things. i am fascinated by human nature, and am constantly exploring the depths of what makes us who we are. i have a beautiful, unconditionally supportive family (including 3 older brothers and a retired police chief father, so don’t even think of laying your hands on me) ;), and friends that inspire me on a daily basis. i have 2 adorable (10 year old) terrier pups, who i can’t imagine living without. i love to dance. i have about 10 different laughs, a few of them being obnoxiously loud (i blame my mother for that). mom, i love you. i have an unexplainable affinity with crows. i am borderline obsessed with photography and traveling, especially when the 2 are combined. and 27 is my luckiest of numbers. now i guess you know a little bit about me..maybe too much...:) bottom line is, i am a lucky girl. i love what i do and hope to do it until the day i die. thank you for stopping by and thank you to all of those that have been supporting me and my career for so long. check back in here from time to time for updates and new projects to check out! 
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